About Us

R C INC is India’s ultimate Radio Control Car hub and entertainment destination, providing an authentic, exhilarating and memorable racing experience second only to climbing into an actual race car.

With RC Inc there are No Rules. No Limits. Just SPEED...

We believe that anyone with a passion for automobile and love for speed, can be a driver or owner of RC Car at RC INC. Experience elevated adrenaline rush, while gaming with high-quality Radio-Controlled Vehicle. Be it a high-end car or truck we have it all. And don’t you worry about the tracks we can set-up tracks if you have the space. If not, you can head to the nearest RC INC authorised station and enjoy the phenomena of Remote-control gaming like a pro.

RC Inc, an ultimate indoor racing in India started in the year 2009. Radio Control Cars as an activity, passion and hobby has brought excitement and entertainment at an altogether new level of gaming. RC Inc has created a platform in India to play with radio control cars at professional level.

We are official distributors and retailers of the most popular international RC Car brands including Traxxas, Kyosho Mini Z, PN Racing, Losi, ECX, Proboat, etc.



Karan G Khatri is a hot-shot name in the field of finance for his unconventional financial gimmicks that gives the company an extra edge. With deep exposure and wide experience in the arena of robotics and unarmed aviation technologies coupled with his magic of managing numbers, Karan serves as the core of the company that views the finance, technology, innovations and market all in one frame. His endeavours to add value to the products keeps the bar rising in terms of the services that RC Inc offers.


Coming from a basic background in science Vinit Sonawane shifted his focus towards business. Earning multiple diplomas, advanced diploma and post-graduation degrees in business management, Vinit is all set to chase his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Vinit S Sonawane is an innovator at heart and strategist by brain. A respected decision maker, a quick thinker and an exceptional entrepreneur, Vinit is the visionary sketching the roadmap of the company. Vinit S Sonawane is the anchor directing the resources and energies of the company towards achieving challenging goals and elevating the financial graphs ensuring sustainability and progress.